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SPECIAL OFFER: Stunning Medal + Official T-Shirt | RUN THROUGH THE VINEYARDS 2021 | July 24-25th

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We are happy to announce our new virtual race: “Run through the vineyards”.
This is absolutely one of the most authentic and genuine events organized as of today, under the banner of a thrilling virtual experience among the vineyards of the wonderful Apulia, in southern Italy, more precisely in the area of ​​the Municipality of Adelfia.
Adelfia’s Athletic Amateur Sports Association has been involved in the project since 2006, and this year our E-Runner team has decided to continue with its 16th edition, inviting runners from all over the world.
Adelfia was born from the merger of two different municipalities, Canneto di Bari and Montrone. The latter was built in 982, while Canneto di Bari was established in the second half of the 11th century. The two neighbouring municipalities were united in 1927, under the name of Adelfia, which in ancient Greek "Adelphos" which means brothers.
Let's get ready for the authenticity of this virtual race, and its unique and original medal featuring a puppet depicting "the running vineyard".
Let's start our race to reach the beauties of the Apulian land from every corner of the world

🍇 JULY 24-25th 2021 🍇

Take part with runners from all over the world, wherever you live, be it 5km/3.1mi, 10km/6.2mi, half-marathon or marathon and meet friends from all over the world in our exclusive Facebook group and run for your stunning medal of RUN THROUGH THE VINEYARDS 2021



  • Starter number (for printing)
  • Access to the portal with ranking list
  • Congratulations box (shipped)
  • Your stunning medal of RUN THROUGH THE VINEYARDS 2021 + CUSTOM T-SHIRT

Set your goals now and get your early bird discount!



How it works:

Choose your virtual run

  • It is a virtual run - you can join wherever you live (worldwide)
  • You will receive a booking confirmation
  • You will get an email with access to the runners portal. There you may check your name  and download your race number.

Upload your results

  • At the day of the run you will track your run with your running watch. Then simply upload your details within our portalWithin two hours our team will confirm your time and you can download your certificate. You can see the ranking at around 5pm the day after the run.

Get your medal!

  • Your high quality medal and your finisher shirt (if you have added a shirt to your cart) will be shipped out to you about 7 days after the run. Please note that due to the current corona situation shipping may take 14 to 21 days in some instances).

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