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Run For Peace: Stand For Ukraine | T-Shirt


We're glad to announce a new virtual race, considering with no doubt one of the most important run for the entire E-Runner community: 

Run For Peace Stand For Ukraine

Shaken by recent events we have decided to take a strong stand.
We were born as a community, which does not discriminate against color, nationality and social status. This is why we are against war, of any kind.
We decided to invest all our effort in creating the most beautiful medal we have ever made, to support Ukraine, a wonderful country that is a victim of the cruelest injustices we have ever witnessed.
All profits from the sale and donations of this campaign will go to charities that help refugees and war refugees in the country of Ukraine.
If you love to run, feel free, love our community, but most of all you are against injustices and war, we invite you to do an act of charity and sign up for our race.
We'll send you the most beautiful medal we've ever created, and you can show it off in front of all your friends, knowing that you've done something concrete to fight the war and injustice.
Actions, no matter how small, count for so much more than doing nothing.

Take part with runners from all over the world, wherever you live, be it 5km/3.1mi, 10km/6.2mi, half-marathon or marathon and meet friends from all over the world in our exclusive Facebook group and run for your stunning medal of RUN FOR PEACE STAND FOR UKRAINE


SIZES                      S-M                          M-L                           L-XL 

LENGHT           66cm/26,7in          70cm/27,55in         72cm/28,34in

CHEST             48cm/19,6in           52cm/20,47in        54cm/21,25in


Information about the shirt: 

- Made in PRC

- breathable function running shirt

- available in different sizes (Unisex)

- because unisex, they are slightly smaller for men and slightly larger for women

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