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BERLIN Marathon 2021 | June 12-13th

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We're glad to announce a new virtual race, considering with no doubt one of the most important run for the entire E-Runner community: Berlin Marathon 2021.

Finally you could challenge with other runners "through" a modern city who created a new concept of growth and meanwhile didn't forget hundreds years of history and culture. 

Another step into the magic world of VIRTUAL RUNNING 🏃🏃‍♀️ 

 JUNE 12-13th 2021 🇩🇪

Take part with runners from all over the world, wherever you live, be it 5km/3.1mi, 10km/6.2mi, half-marathon or marathon and meet friends from all over the world in our exclusive Facebook group and run for your stunning medal of BERLIN MARATHON 2021


  • Starter number (for printing)
  • Access to the portal with ranking list
  • Congratulations box (shipped)
  • Your stunning medal of  BERLIN MARATHON 2021
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Choose your virtual run 

  • It is a virtual run - you can join wherever you live (worldwide)
  • You will receive a booking confirmation
  • You will get an email with access to the runners portal. There you may check your name  and download your race number.

Upload your results

  • At the day of the run you will track your run with your running watch. Then simply upload your details within our portalWithin two hours our team will confirm your time and you can download your certificate. You can see the ranking at around 5pm the day after the run.

Get your medal!

  • Your high quality medal and your finisher shirt (if you have added a shirt to your cart) will be shipped out to you about 7 days after the run. Please note that due to the current corona situation shipping may take 14 to 21 days in some instances).

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
sandra shaughnessy
Fab metal

Fab medal will be doing more of these race

Yoseph Soi
Nice Event

I Would like to joint this event next year 🙏🙏
I Like medals.. 👍👍👍

Tuan Phong Nguyen

I got it. The medal is so nice. But the shipment it take a long time. I had to wait for near 1,5 months.

Roy Baja
I ilke it

Berlin Marathon was my first and I like it. I like the quality of finisher medal too. I will do more runs in the future.

Mary Boldt
Berlin Marathon 2021

Hi E-Runner.

Yes, I did receive my Berlin Marathon medal. The work that went into making that medal is phenomenal.

Not only is the medal one of a kind but your customer service, is like none other.

Thank you so much for having me join in on the fun with your every run.


Rohan Greenland
Berlin Tiergarten Half Marathon

My first experience with E-Runner virtual events. Provided the motivation to undertake my fourth Half Marathon. Can’t get to Berlin this year because of COVID, so this was an excellent substitute. Very pleased to receive a very large and shiny Berlin-themed medal after completing the run.

Polly Benson
Berlin Marathon 10km

I enjoyed doing this & I received my medal, I love it

Hussain Nahid
I have still not received the medal

It’s taken longer than expected. Still not received the medal. tracking says in transit

Data upload after running.

Running watch is compulsory? Ian using Strava app on my mi mobile. Kindly give advice us.

John Curd
Is your firm for real or a spam

Iam waiting on my Portal for the special Ukraine Virtual marathon. ( I have not received my Berlin , or Kinvara medals for the last year 2021 at 61 Dawlsh Drive Southport England )