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Vers Google race thanks really appreciated

God's of Egypt

I received this medal very quickly compared to other virtual challenges. The medal is very good quality.


Apply for marathona

Great Medal

The medal is So Grateful I appreciate it and I love it


Enjoyed every minute of it
Great challenge


Just one thing , i didn’t find like a portal run to post my result .
Thank u waiting for z next race


Medal & T-Shirt excellent.Received well condition and excellent both Medal and T-Shirt.I am happy with your all out support and services..

Medal & T-Shirt of France Marathon

Medal I received it.Excellent.Thanks

Rome Half marathon

I really enjoyed my virtual race thru the Xmas season, also keep my commitment to be busy at the end of the year. Thanks for your opportunity to choose the half instead of other distance. The medal - extremely well.


Thank You I have Received my Medal it is Awesome So Far It is the biggest and the most stunning Medal I have. But Please Reduce the Price for the T-shirts Maybe it must be Just $40.00 a Set They will be very reasonable it special to us Who are In Third world Countries Thank you

Valencia 5k

The run was 5th December and the medal arrived on 29th December. It’s awsome, well made. The support from E-runner organisation was exceptional. Had some issues with the apolication but they resolved it quickly.

Yes i recieve

Thank you for the wonderful medal i love it

NEW YORK Marathon T-Shirt
Medal I received it.Excellent.Thanks

NEW YORK Marathon T-Shirt and Medal excellent. I got it thanks

NEW YORK Marathon 2022 | LAST CHANCE
Christian Duarte Varela

I ran from Madrid, Spain. I got the medal a few days ago and I was very impressed with the quality and dimension of it. It’s really incredible! I totally recommend this experience. Looking forward to running more races like this one!

Medal review

Love the medals

Love this medal

I did a 10 km run and received it a month later. I love the design, it's also a juggernaut of weight but love the idea of the spinning vinyl. Looking forward for the 90's if they are willing to make it happen.

Back to 80's Run LAST CHANCE
Lord Calle Ilves Laakkonen
Really cool medal

This medal was really awesome with the rotating disk on the back and it’s really heavy so the quality of metals used in it is really good. Can really recommend these if all medals are of this quality and will definitely do more races based on the medal. Lord Calle Ilves Laakkonen


It was amazing.

Brilliant medal and T-shirt

I got my Brilliant medal and T-shirt.

Niagara Marathon 2021 Medal

A great and powerful medal. I've never seen and received such a big medal before. Thank to your team!
And good luck with the next ventures.


The E-runner medal is perhaps the most
Imaginative and realistic medal I have ever earned I love

It's an ausome stunning medal

Looking forward for an new creative city medal like this

The run around the world

🇪🇸There is nothing worse than to wanting to go to places around the world and compete in a world class event. But you don't have the money to go or you are stuck because of a epidemic.
With this race I felt like I was there and the best part is that I didn't need to travel abroad and I did it with other people from other countries.

My own personal Olympic games....where you are guaranteed a medal at the finish line. 🏅🤗

MADRID Marathon 2021 | LAST CHANCE
Christian Duarte Varela

Medal was gorgeous.Support team and organization is top! Will take more challenges from now on.